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Minesweepers can be your best defense against offending pet owners who don't keep common areas clean. While most services that will come out to a property will only provide one specific type of service (ie:landscapers only cut grass,Plumbers only fix pipes). Minesweepers is in the unique position of being able to not only clean up after the offending pet owners ,but to police the areas that are being repeatedly left uncleaned. Any violators of the communities pet waste requirements will be immediately reported to the property manager so that the proper measures can be taken. Minesweepers is also able to report any property damage that may go unnoticed by the properties maintenance staff due to the fact that our staff will be walking every inch of the property at least once a week.(ie; Leaking hose bibs, Broken sprinklers, dangerous sidewalks or broken railings).

Minesweepers will:

Improve the quality of the property for Current Residents and Visitors

Make the property more appealing for future Residents and Visitors

Help your association avoid fines and penalties for failure to comply with The Clean Water Act

We offer Dogipot Pet Waste Stations Sales, Service and Installations to help residents and visitors do their part to keep the common areas clean

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